Inspection for Motorcycles

Stage 1

Above Carriage Check: An inspector carries out visual checks on

- Vehicle identity (number plate, engine and chassis numbers)
- Lighting equipment (headlamps, stop lamps, direction indicators, etc)
- Bodywork
- Vehicle modification/accessories
- Road wheel and tyres
- General items (horn, tilting stand, foot rest,chain guard, seat, etc)

Sound Level TestEngine is revved and the noise emitted is measured to determine noise level.

Exhaust Emission Test: Checks exhaust emission level.

A probe is inserted into the exhaust pipe to collect gas sample for measurement.

Stage 2

Alignment Test: Checks front and rear wheel alignment.
The machine clamps front and rear wheels to measure wheel alignment.

Headlight Test: Determines proper alignment and focus of headlamp.

The headlight aimer is used to measure the luminous intensity and the horizontal and vertical aim of the headlamp at high beam.

Brake Test: Checks efficiency of brakes.

The brake tester is used to measure brake performance, efficiency and drag force.


Your vehicle has undergone all inspection stages. In line with Singapore Green Plan 2030, test certificate will only be issued upon request. You may check your inspection results online at ( Should your vehicle fail an inspection, you will be required to rectify the issues before bringing your vehicle back for re-inspection.