Rental Space at VICOM Inspection Centres:

If you're looking for a space to rent, consider leasing with VICOM! We've got seven high traffic locations with plenty of human traffic.


Our rental rates are reasonably priced and you'll enjoy lower utility bills as we only install energy-efficient lightings in our buildings. Also, benefit from VICOM's excellent building maintenance programme that ensures every shop space remains in mint condition.


Area (ft²)


VICOM Inspection Centre (Bukit Batok)

511 Bukit Batok St 23

Singapore 659545

2,200 (Block 1, Level 2)

660 (Block 2, Level 2)

Ancillary office (Air-conditioned)

VICOM Inspection Centre (Yishun)

501 Yishun Industrial Park A

Singapore 768732

Near Canberra MRT

2,023 (Level 2)

Industrial and Ancillary office (Air-conditioned)

VICOM Inspection Centre (Changi)

20 Changi North Crescent

Singapore 499613

6,540(Level 3)

Industrial and Ancillary office (Air-conditioned and carpeted)

JIC Inspection Centre (Pioneer) 

53 Pioneer Road

Singapore 628505

503 (Level 2)

Ancillary office (Air-conditioned)

For enquiries, please call (65) 6697-5218


Mohamed Aslam


Advertisement Space 

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For any advertising related enquiries, please contact:

Henry Koh


Tel: (65) 6697-5209 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm)