Frequently Asked Questions

For details on our operating hours, please look here.

We have 7 centres conveniently located island wide. Please look here for the locations of all centres.

For periodic inspection prior appointment is not needed.

For Exhaust, Speed Limitor and E-scooter Booking, please click here. 

For VFIT Evaluation Booking, please click here.

All vehicles driven on Singapore roads are required by law to undergo a road worthiness inspection process to ensure that they are environmentally-friendly and and have met the in-use safety and emission standards. 

Inspection process for petrol-driven vehicles: no longer than 15mins. Inspection process for diesel-driven vehicles: estimated around 20 mins, due to the additional Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test. (Excluding waiting time) 

For more details of the CDST, please click here.

Please look here for details of the price list

NTUC Union members get to redeem 1.3 LinkPoints for every $1 spent. Please note that this promotion only applies to private cars and motorcycles owned by members.

Please look here for the inspection schedule for all vehicle types.

You just have to drive your vehicle into the correct lane (pertaining to your vehicle type), and proceed to pay for the inspection at our cashier. Our inspector will take over your vehicle and drive it through the inspection lane. At the end of the inspection, you will be awarded the inspection certificate (subject to passing); otherwise you will have to return for a re-inspection. For details on the inspection process, please look here

To skip the payment queue, you may opt for online-prepayment option, please look here

No, you do not have to do so. We have trained and experienced inspectors to take over the vehicles to conduct the inspection. 

Self-drive option is also available upon request. Vehicle owners will be guided by inspectors throughout the inspection process. 

Besides the mandatory road worthiness inspection, all weekend/Off Peak cars are to undergo the number plate seal inspection every year.

No document is required. You can check your vehicle due date at our website or you may subscribe to our VSIR for vehicle inspection reminder. Please look here

We provide related services like road tax renewal, motor and general insurance, evaluation of used cars, amongst others. Please look here for the comprehensive list of services.

We provide the Car Evaluation service to help used car buyers ascertain the external and internal condition of pre-owned cars they are interested in buying. We have different evaluation standards to cater to the various needs of our customers.

Yes, please present your original/soft copy of insurance certificate at our road tax counter. Payment can be made via cash, NETS, cheque (payable to LTA) or DINERS card.

If your insurance agent has updated your insurance record to the LTA system, you don’t have to produce your original and valid insurance certificate. Otherwise, it is compulsory that you produce the original and valid insurance certificate or present the soft copy of the insurance certificate. 

You may proceed to have your IU checked at any VICOM inspection centre (open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays/Public Holidays)

Every IU comes with a five-year warranty period starting from the date of purchase