Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (CDST)

Black smoke emission from diesel-driven vehicles causes serious air pollution. It can also cause health problems such as lung disease and respiratory disorders. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has introduced emission standards for diesel-driven vehicles and ultra low sulphur diesel to reduce emissions from new diesel vehicles to improve air quality and protect public health.


Vehicles designed to meet NEA's emission standards are better designed and generate less pollutants. Notwithstanding this, diesel vehicles can still emit black smoke if they are not properly maintained. In order to keep emission from in-use diesel vehicles in check and to ensure that vehicle owners reduce smoke emission through proper servicing and maintenance, NEA requires vehicles that are caught with excessive black smoke emission to undergo the Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (CDST) at all VICOM/JIC Inspection Centres.

Please note that this enforcement inspection only pertains to vehicles in violation of emission standards set by NEA. All of VICOM/JIC Inspection Centres are capable of conducting CDST as part of the periodic inspection for diesel vehicles.