In-vehicle Unit Service

VICOM is appointed by the Land Transport Authority as a commissioning centre for In-Vehicle Unit (IU) services. Installations, checks, replacements and transfers of IUs are available at all 7 VICOM/JIC Inspection Centres.

Useful Information

1          Cost of an IU

Each IU costs $158.70 (GST inclusive).

2          Transfer of IU

You may transfer a deregistered IU from a scrapped vehicle to be used on your existing vehicle. The deregistered IU must be in working condition and must be presented within 6 months from the deregistered date. Kindly note that a service fee will be imposed.

3          IU Brackets for Motorcyclists

For motorcyclists who replace their IU units to the 2nd Generation (2G) version, an additional mounting bracket (chrome) purchase may be required due to compatibility issues. Motorcyclists will be able to purchase a (chrome) IU mounting bracket by topping up $16.35 (GST inclusive).

4          Expiry Date of NETS CashCard/EZ-Link card resulting in “ERR” display on the IU

Your NETS CashCard/EZ-Link card will expire 5 years from the date of issuance. The expiry date is printed on the back of your card. You may also check the expiry date of your EZ-Link through this link Upon expiry of NETS CashCard/EZ-Link card, you will see an error message “ERR” appearing on your IU. There is no need to rush down to an inspection centre. You may obtain an immediate refund on a non-damaged card from any DBS/POSB, OCBC or UOB ATM (select 'More Services').

5          Malfunction of the IU

If there is no display on the IU screen, this could be due to reasons such as loose connection of wires, defective IU, blown fuse and more. You may bring your vehicle to any of our centres for a diagnostics on the IU. Please note that there may be a fee imposed due to poor wiring work on IUs not installed by VICOM/JIC Inspection Centres.

*Attention: Please be advised that the last registration for OBU installation will be at 3.00pm.