Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


We aspire to be the preferred provider of inspection and testing services


To enable Safer and Greener motoring and provide professional testing services to our customers.

Core Values

    To be able to adapt to changing environments, always staying ahead of the curve and inspiring creativity.


    To uphold the values of integrity and honesty, conducting our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • CARE
    • - For all our stakeholders
    • - Our customers by putting their needs and requirements first
    • - Our business partners and regulators by keeping lines of communication open at all times
    • - Our staff by fostering a safe and conducive environment for growth and development
    • - Our community by enhancing the welfare of those in need.



    Of all that we do – by pursuing professionalism, excellence and ensuring responsibility for all our actions.



    To be fair and objective, always recognising and rewarding good performance.